Emotive was formed in 2010 as a theatre lighting and sound technical production company. However, overtime we have diversified into the company we are today.

While we still work within the theatre, concert and live event industries we now also specialise in weddings, parties and events.


We are qualified electricians and specialise in temporary electrical installations as well as having over 30 years combined experience, creating beautiful lighting designs, sound engineering from bands to theatre and all the tech that goes along with it.

Lighting, Sound & Electrical Installation

Nic Watkinson



Specialist Electrician & Lighting Design 

Richard is Emotive's Lead electrician having served an apprenticeship with one of the UK's largest tech supplier before moving on to work in a provincial venue when he and Nic Met. He started his career wanting to work in event lighting but had few qualifications so requested he gets qualified. His employer qualified him as an electrician specialising in the event industry.


Richard still enjoys creating beautiful lighting for weddings, events, theatre and conference as well as creating stunning event lighting for weddings and parties. Surprising however is his love for event electrics "I never thought it would make a huge part of my career. It was always the fall back, just in case! Im proud to say that we work to BS7909, so few companies do and I really believe that safety is the most important part of every installation" 

Richard Chilvers